How to Help – Ideas

Whether you’re a customer of a shop, you work at a shop or you own a shop, whether you attend a knit/crochet group, belong to a guild – or just love to knit or crochet wherever you may be, we need you!

If you just love to knit or crochet, for $5 you can purchase a pattern on Cast Off Chemo’s Ravelry page.

If you’re a knitter or crocheter or stitcher and don’t own a shop but want to help, here’s how: How to Help ideas for stitchers

And be sure to “attend” our online auction Oct 2-16 for fabulous yarn-related items (and yarn) to bid on with all proceeds going to the cause.  More info COChemo EbayAuctionPrsRel.

If you have a favorite yarn shop, work in a shop or own a shop, here are a few ideas for you to create buzz – and help the cause.   If you’d prefer to print a copy, here’s a link to the PDF to download: Fundraising Ideas for Shops and Groups.


STITCH ‘N SIP:  Hold a knit and/or crocheting event where attendees would purchase a glass of wine (or non-alcoholic beverage) with proceeds going to Cast Off Chemo!

A PENNY A STITCH:  Sponsor a knit and/or crochet “race” comparable to sponsoring a walk or run where participants get friends and family to sponsor knit or crochet “miles” (stitches) where the only winners are those who knit or crochet the most number of stitches over a set time. Everyone wins!

PINK PARTY:  Hold a pink-themed party with an auction, raffle and/or other events with proceeds going to Cast Off Chemo!

THE KNIT/CROCHET DOCTOR IS IN:  For a “co-pay” of $___, bring in top experts who help customers/members fix their unfinished or problematic projects.

MINI-CLASS:  For a donation of $25, conduct a private half (or full) hour class.

COMMUNITY EVENT:  Why limit participants to shop customers or members? During the summer, bring your event outside. You could do two events:

  1. use large and long knitting needles (circulars are best) to let everyone try their hand at knitting a large circle or long piece, for a $5 donation.
  2. Partner with a needle company and yarn company to provide needles and yarn to teach newbies how to “Cast On” to Cast Off Chemo!

You’re sure to get new customers or members while helping a great cause!

LOCAL PARTNERING:  Hold an event at a local garden center, library, mall, church or synagogue, hospital, coffee shop, breast cancer treatment center, book group, college, etc. Create awareness for the cause by bringing a folding easel and a poster of the Cast Off Chemo! logo.

CREATE AN EVENT IN MEMORY OF SOMEONE WHO’S DIED OF BREAST CANCER:  Cast Off Chemo! will acknowledge and list donations of $50 or more made in memory of a loved one.



PICK A DAY:  Pick just one day in your calendar where 5% of sales are donated to Cast Off Chemo! Advertise through in-store signage, e-newsletters, Facebook and other social media postings, etc.

CREATE A KIT:  Pick an “orphan” yarn (1 skein left from a dye lot or a discontinued yarn), create a pattern for wristlets or boot toppers or other small project, put both pattern and yarn in a colorful bag and sell with the proceeds going to Cast Off Chemo!

CREATE A PATTERN:  Design an easy pattern and sell the pattern (with or without the yarn, your choice) with all proceeds from the pattern sales going to Cast Off Chemo!

[SHOP NAME] RUNWAY: SHOW YOUR BEST STUFF:  Invite customers to bring in their best creations, and, for a donation, put the creation on a mannequin or otherwise display and have the creator stand with it. Take a selfie. Post on your bulletin board (that has the Cast Off Chemo! logo in the center).

LAST CLASS BLAST:  This would be a fun event, a “class with a cause,” where students display their projects to date, talk about what they liked, their struggles – and their association with anyone with breast or other cancers. By casting on, they will help to Cast Off Chemo! – and cancer.

FEATURE A YARN, FUND THE CURE:  Donate a percentage of sales for one or more months of one of your yarns. Or put $1-$5 into a donation jar for every project in that yarn that’s sold. Change the featured yarn (and yarn company) every month.

PARTNERING FOR GOOD:  Partner with a yarn, needle or accessories company. For every bag of a particular yarn, needle or accessory you purchase from a company, have the company and the shop donate to Cast Off Chemo! And donate a small portion of sales of those products to the cause.

OUTSIDE EVENTS (Publisher Shows (such as VKLive, Stitches), Sheep & Wool Festivals, etc.):  Partner with event organizers to support Cast Off Chemo! Display a poster-sized Cast Off Chemo! at your booth with a statement that __% of sales will go to support cancer research. Have a donation box at your booth. Insert cards about the cause in shopping bags.


  1. Print the Cast Off Chemo! logo poster-size, mount in the shop and everyone who signs it donates $1 – $5 to the cause. Write the amount and have customer sign below. For every filled poster, the shop donates $___.
  2. Insert flyer about the project in all shopping bags.
  3. Post “We’re casting on to Cast Off Chemo!” sign by your register.
  4. Give small take-home flyers to customers.



SINGLE SKEIN EVENT:  Have members bring in single skein “orphan” yarns (from their stash or left over from a finished project), create a pattern for wristlets or boot toppers or other small project, put both pattern and yarn in a colorful bag and auction off with the proceeds going to Cast Off Chemo!

MAKE MEETINGS MAGIC:  Print the Cast Off Chemo! logo poster-size, mount in the shop and everyone who signs it donates $1 – $5 to the cause. Write the amount and have customer sign below. For every filled poster, the shop donates $___.


  1. Download the Cast Off Chemo! logo: PINK   BLACK   SILHOUETTED PINK
  2. Print a poster – any size poster – with “[SHOP NAME] supports Cast Off Chemo!” (and please be sure you do…..)
  3. Send a copy of your planned event to to post on the website and on the Cast Off Chemo! Facebook page.
  4. Send photos of your events (horizontal/landscape format please) to or the chance of your photo appearing on the home page slide show.
  5. Keep track of the amount your shop has donated to reach even higher levels of sponsorship.


If you’re a knitter or crocheter, send us your ideas!

If you’re a shop, designer or teacher or you’re part of a knit or crochet group or guild or if you work for a manufacturer, distributor or importer, send us your website and tell us what you’ve been doing to Cast Off Chemo!

If you’re a manufacturer or importer, click here for a few ideas on how you can get involved.